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Martens is constantly looking for new opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions as a result of its own operations and projects. Sustainability is of great importance to us and our clients. Using the CO2 performance ladder, for example, we give substance to these ambitions. Martens strives to renew the machine park with more economical cars, which at least comply with the Euro-5 standard. For ships we want to conform to the CCR2 emission requirement. In addition, employees are made aware by means of information that efficient work contributes to achieving the formulated objectives. To optimize transport and sailing movements, different types of navigation systems are used. With the help of these systems, we limit the use of fossil fuels. The realization of residual heat coupling with Zeeland Refinery will result in a considerable reduction in the gas consumption of our steam boiler.

Within the company, all energy flows are transparent and recorded in the CO2 footprint. Largely, the emissions are caused by the fuel consumption of the ships and natural gas consumption of our steam boiler. In the first instance, the measures are therefore aimed at the large-scale users, since this yields the most reduction. Important trends in energy consumption and CO2 emissions are communicated both internally and externally.

Martens Cleaning is affiliated with the initiative;

“Realization residual heat coupling Sloewarmte B.V.” Zeeland Seaports, Martens Cleaning and Evides have a B.V. established to realize the link. The residual heat coupling between Zeeland Refinery, Martens Cleaning and COVRA makes a substantial contribution to a sustainable Zeeland seaport through savings in energy consumption and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Martens Cleaning is also a participant in the “Green Deal Ship Disposal Chain”;

Minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and the Environment), five Dutch ports, the Royal Association of Dutch Shipowners (KVNR), waste collectors (including Martens Havenontvangstinstallatie), ship suppliers, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) and the North Sea Foundation have jointly signed 10 September 2014. the Green Deal Shipwreck chain signed.

Through the investment in knowledge, automation, equipment and personnel, we expect to be able to further expand our position in the coming years and to continue to operate as a solid, reliable partner for our customers.


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