About us

Martens Cleaning is a dynamic logistics company presenting environmentally sound solutions in the areas of waste and cleaning.

Thanks to our customer-oriented approach, we will be able to offer a suitable solution for you as well. Our clients include industrial organisations, government bodies, private persons and the maritime sector.

Martens Cleaning, part of the Hoondert Group, comprises two separate limited companies:  The cleaning and transport company Transport Schepen en Reiniging BV and the harbour reception installation Martens Havenontvangstinstallatie Vlissingen BV. Together, these two companies offer a very comprehensive total package of services concerning:

  • the processing of waste originating from the maritime and industrial sectors;
  • all types of industrial cleaning and transports;
  • ships’ cleaning;
  • collection of waste from the maritime sector
  • calamity control on land and on water


Martens has its own 200-metre deep-sea terminal

Martens Cleaning is located in the Sloehaven Vlissingen-Oost and has its own 200-metre terminal at the Kaloothaven with direct deep-water access. The company is very centrally located between Antwerp and Rotterdam, with excellent connections by road and inland waterways.


Martens Cleaning collects maritime waste. In addition, Martens Cleaning is involved in ships’ cleaning and all types of calamity control in the maritime sector.

Maritime collection: 

Martens Cleaning has a wide range of ships that are certified for the transport of waste, such as low flash, oils, small chemical waste, and other types of waste.

Ships’ cleaning:

Martens Cleaning focuses on maritime cleaning.

Using vacuum lorries, high-pressure units, hot-water units and other specialised equipment, we are able to carry out a wide range of cleaning activities, including:

  •  fuel tanks
  • double-bottom tanks
  • engine rooms
  • cargo tanks
  • high-pressure cleaning
  • cleaning of holds


Processing in Martens Havenontvangstinstallatie Vlissingen

Martens’ harbour reception installation has a processing installation with a capacity of around 96,000 tons for the processing and storage of oil-containing waste water and other oil-related waste products. We have a licence to operate our harbour-reception installation and a national waste collection permit to carry out the following activities:


  • collect maritime waste
  • collect land-related waste
  • process oil-containing land-related waste
  • process oil-containing maritime waste
  • collect and process ballast water
  • collect all washing waters
  • collect and process ship’s engine room waste